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  • A California pool store‰Ûªs two model pools.

Both pools had identical maintenance and chemicals, except the pool on the left was treated just once with PoolProof.
  • A California pool store‰Ûªs two model pools.

Both pools had identical maintenance and chemicals, except the pool on the left was treated just once with PoolProof.
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Product Description

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Tired of constantly having to adjust your pool water?  Raise the pH, lower the pH, adjust the calcium, add clarifier...it seems the adjustments are endless! And even then, your pool's water doesn’t always look really clean and clear.

A once-a-year PoolProof application is the answer to your pool water struggles.

PoolProof has the unique ability to absorb both acid and base. So if the pool water pH rises or falls, PoolProof can absorb those changes. This pH stabilization allows your pool sanitizers to function better and last longer. Add it just once to your pool, then top up annually as needed. It will make your pool maintenance much faster, easier and save you money!

"It cost me $250 to add 5 gallons of PoolProof to my pool, and I've saved over $527 in chemicals & electricity this year. My water just sparkles, and it has never been easier to maintain." - Debbie H. 

How PoolProof Saves You Money

Customers report savings of up to 30% on pool chemical costs as well as an additional 30% energy cost savings thanks to a reduction in pump run time. For many pool owners, PoolProof essentially pays for itself, as one of our many happy customers will attest here:

"Before the addition of PoolProof, this was my weekly pool maintenance:

Brush the pool once a week.
Add two 3" stabilizing chlorine tablets.
Add 1/3 gallon of acid.
Add 1 ¼ gallons of liquid chlorine.
Run the pool pump for nine hours per day.

Below is my weekly pool maintenance schedule since the addition of the PoolProof:

Add one 3" stabilizing chlorine tablet.
Run the pool pump for four hours per day.

That is literally all it has taken to maintain the pool over the last four months. The water appears to be more blue and is clearer than it has ever been. Algae has not made an appearance since adding PoolProof.

The pool looks better, and is costing me a lot less to maintain. I have already had a couple of friends try the product based on my recommendation, and they are experiencing similar results. Great product!"  - Kurt G.

In addition to enhancing your pool's sanitizer performance, PoolProof's active ingredient, borate (a natural mineral salt), actually increases the refractory index of water, making it sparkle more than regular water. The pool stays cleaner, the water clearer. But don’t just take our word for it: Read more of our customers' success stories with PoolProof.

PoolProof Calculator

Type the amount of water in your pool: You need to add this many bottles of PoolProof
(1 gal./bottle):
So purchase this number of whole bottles:


bottles bottles


What PoolProof Does:

  • Utilizes boron, a natural mineral
  • Balances the pH – can absorb both acid or base
  • Makes the pool water more stable

PoolProof provides the following benefits:

  • Moisturizes the skin, making it feel smooth
  • Reduces the chlorine smell
  • Helps prevent red eyes, relieves eye irritation
  • Helps prevent dry skin
  • Extends chemical/sanitizer life
  • Makes water sparkle

The initial treatment only takes 15 minutes and you will be thrilled with the results. 

Once a year, your you should check the pool’s borate level and top up to 50 ppm if needed. 

PoolProof is a better borate pool product than others on the market because it’s a liquid, so it dissolves fast in water. Other borate products are granular, and either float on the surface or form lumps in the pool – or both! PoolProof is also already pH adjusted so there is no need to add large amounts of acid. Other products require the addition of acid to bring the pool into balance, which is labor intensive and delays the use of the pool.

If you’re tired of cloudy– or even green – water in your pool or spa, PoolProof and SpaProof can give you crystal-clear water and help reduce your use of pool, spa or hot tub chemicals. Join the thousands of customers who have found PoolProof and SpaProof to be the answer to their struggles.

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Product Reviews

  1. PoolProof has changed my life.

    Posted by Christine B. on 18th Jul 2012

    Rarely in today's world do you find a company that sells products that actually do what is promised. Nisus Corporation defies that reality!!

    I used PoolProof for the first time almost 2 months ago and I went from pea soup to diamonds dancing on my pool. Sadly, I made a huge mistake while adding some water to the pool 48 hours ago, I left the water running all night (over 16 hours). With well water and hard water at that, needless to say I had a pool full of sediment and was back to hazy green water.

    After hours of cleaning the pool and being forced to back wash, I was still left with green hazy water. Frustrated, I took it upon myself to add an additional gallon of PoolProof, went to bed in tears. Much to my surprise, I woke up to beautiful, crystal clear and sparkling water!! It is truly an amazing product.

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